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GB WhatsApp Pro – The Most Popular Modded WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Pro update is one of the most popular and used modded WhatsApps among GBWhatsApp Pro users.

The GB WhatsApp needs to be updated periodically, so we provide a direct and fast download link to get the latest GBWhatsApp update.

GB WhatsApp Pro Download Page

GBWhatsApp Pro download

GB WhatsApp Pro Download

What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

GBWhatsApp Pro, is an app created by developer Alex and is part of the AlexMods app collections like OG WhatsApp.
It includes many features of WhatsApp that make its version distinct from others.
Additionally, it provides add-ons that you won’t find in other WhatsApp apps or WhatsApp Messenger, which we’ll cover below.

Is GBWhatsapp Pro Download Free?

The GBWhatsApp Download is available for free to everyone, as anyone can download GB WhatsApp with a direct link from our website at no cost.

Also, all other GB App updates are available for free.

Enjoy all of the privacy features of GB WhatsApp Pro like hiding online status, hiding blue ticks, and reading WhatsApp messages. Plus, other features like sending high resolution photos/videos and posting statuses over 30 seconds.

How to Download GBWhatsApp V17.30 Update?

The app update is available for free in this article with a direct link.

The site administrators download GBWA Pro and upload the update files to MediaFire servers regularly.

Then, direct download links are provided to site followers on the GBWhatsApp Pro download page.

Additionally, a special GB WhatsApp Telegram channel is available for followers to get the latest app version directly. We also notify followers about everything new with GB.

GBWhatsApp Pro V17.00 Download Direct Link

GBWhatsApp is updated monthly and then published to users. But the problem is users can’t find the official update location for GBWA. Also, fast download sites with direct links without ads are rare.

GBWhatsApp Pro V17.00 Update Page

That’s why our site was created – to save time and trouble for GBWhatsApp users to download the latest update with a direct, fast link.

How to Install GB WhatsApp Pro Update Without Losing Conversations?

Installing the GBWhatsApp update is easy, just:

  1. Download GB WhatsApp Pro from the link above.
  2. Wait for the download to finish.
  3. Go to your phone’s file manager > Download folder and open the GBWhatsApp Apk file.
  4. Agree to install and wait for it to finish.

GBWhatsApp Pro Features and Add-Ons

The app has many features, but here are some key ones:

Hide Online Status from Others

GBWhatsApp Pro lets you hide your online status so only your last seen is shown, even when you’re online. Unlike official WhatsApp where you can’t hide your live status. This is a top privacy feature for GBWA users.

The Features

Send Longer Video Statuses

Official WhatsApp limits statuses to 30 secs, but GBApp lets you send longer videos without cutting clips.

Show Just 1 Tick for Received Messages

This works with the hide online status feature. Some want to use WhatsApp without showing they’re online or connected. GBWhatsApp Pro does this with the hide online status and hide blue ticks features.

Send High Resolution Media

The app sends uncompressed images at full resolution unlike compressed media on official WhatsApp.

Latest Add-Ons in GB WhatsApp Pro

There are many add-ons on GB WhatsApp Pro V17.00, which have been added. While the other plugins have been fixed in the latest version as follows:

  • Restore deleted GBWhatsApp messages
  • See deleted statuses even after contacts remove them
  • Replies to contacts don’t show as forwarded messages
  • Hide online status from others
  • Flight mode to halt WhatsApp GB messages
  • Lock app with multiple lock options
  • Night mode

About GBWhatsApp Pro V17.00, V17.20, V17.30 Updates

GB WhatsApp Pro V17.00

The latest updates added new features not in previous versions. We explained the key WhatsApp GB features and details about the latest 2023 version above. Plus, what makes Pro unique from similar apps.

All direct download links for the WhatsApp Pro updates are also provided.

GB WhatsApp Pro Alternatives

Other popular modded WhatsApps with similar features are:

These are the top alternatives after GBWhatsApp Pro, so feel free to try them.


Now you know about the latest GBWhatsApp features and additions. Download the newest version using the links above and enjoy the extra features not in official WhatsApp.

And don’t forget to bookmark the GB WhatsApp Download page for direct access when new updates are released, since the links are kept up-to-date.

GB WhatsApp Apk details

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Via the above “Download GB latest update” button, you could navigate to the GBWhatsApp Pro page to download the latest version directly.