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GBWhatsApp Pro V17.30 Download Update GB WhatsApp by a click

GB WhatsApp Pro V17.30 update, is one of the most popular and used WhatsApp among of GBWhatsApp Pro users.

The GB WhatsApp needs to be updated every once in a while, so we provide a direct and fast download link to download the latest GBWhatsApp update.

GB WhatsApp Pro V17.30 Update Page

GBWhatsApp Pro download

GBWhatsApp Pro V17.30 update Download

What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

GBWhatsApp Pro is an app created by developer Alexa and one of AlexMods app collections such as OG WhatsApp.

It includes many features of WhatsApp that make its version distinct from others.

In addition to that which makes it distinctive that it provides add-ons that you do not find in other WhatsApp applications or WhatsApp, we will learn about later.

Is GBWhatsapp Pro download Free?

GBWhatsApp download is available for free to everyone, as anyone can download GB WhatsApp with a direct link and for free from our website.

Also, all other GB App updates are available for free.

Enjoy all the features of GB WhatsApp Pro Green for free with all the privacy features such as hiding appearances, hiding the two receiving plates and reading WhatsApp messages.

In addition, other features such as sending photos and videos in very high resolution and publishing cases exceeding thirty seconds.

How to download GBWhatsApp V17.30 update?

The app update, available for free in this topic with a direct link.

Where the administrators of the site download GBWA Pro, upload the update files in the servers of Media Fire on an ongoing basis.

Then provide download links to the followers of the site with a direct link in the download page of GBWhatsApp Pro.

Also, provide a special GB WhatsApp channel for followers in Telegram to download the latest version of the application directly.

In addition, notify followers of everything new about GB.

GBWhatsApp Pro V17.30 download with direct link

GBWhatsApp is the latest version, released every month periodically and then published to users.

But the problem is that users are unable to find the official updates location for GBWA when searching for them. Also, do not find a fast loading site with a direct link to update WhatsApp without showing ads and sending them to other sites.

GBWhatsApp Pro V17.36 Download Page

So our site was created to save all the time and trouble on GBWhatsApp users and download the latest update through it with a direct link and fast servers.

How to install GB WhatsApp Pro update, without losing conversations?

Installing GBWhatsApp update is very easy, all you have to do to install the latest update and then follow these steps:

  • After downloading GBWhatsApp Pro V17.36 from the download link at the first.
  • Wait until the GB WhatsApp Pro download counter is over.
  • After the download counter is over. Go to the file manager in your phone.
  • Then downloads you will find the downloaded update file Open the WhatsApp file and agree to install it and wait until the WhatsApp file is installed.

GBWhatsApp Pro features and additions

The app has a lot of features, but we will mention the most important and prominent features in the app in the following paragraphs.

Hide appearances from others

GB WhatsApp Pro offers the feature of hiding. That you are connected and showing only the last appearance even if you are connected.

Unlike the official WhatsApp where you can’t hide your last seen. This feature is one of the most privacy features used by GBWA Alex users.

The Features

Send her video cases longer than the official app

When sending cases, the official WhatsApp restricts the length of case time to only 30 seconds, but GB App lets you send longer cases, without having to cut the status clips.

Show only one true when receiving GB WhatsApp Pro messages

This feature integrates with the hide impression feature. Where some need to use WhatsApp without showing others that it is connected to WhatsApp or connected to the Internet.

Therefore, resort to using GBWhatsApp Pro, activating two feature hide impressions in addition to the feature of hiding healthy receipt.

Send media in high resolution in WhatsApp GB Alex

The app is characterized by decompressing images when sending them as happens in the official whatsapp. Where you can send photos with their true resolution without changing them.

The Add-ons

There are many add-ons on GB WhatsApp Pro V17.30, which have been added. hile the other plugins have been fixed in the latest version as follows:

  • Restore GB WhatsApp messages after they arrived.
  • Deleted statuses appear even after being deleted by contacts, when users
  • While messages sent are reconverted to a contact, they don’t show it as a reconverted message.
  • Hide the appearance from others while using GB Watts Pro without showing that you are connected.
  • The option of flight mode or no internet connection has been added in GB WhatsApp Pro, after activating it you will not receive any messages on WhatsApp GB.
  • Lock the app with many locks options.
  • Activate the night mode of the WhatsApp application.

About GB WhatsApp Pro V17.30 update

GB WhatsApp Pro V17.20

The latest update the app has been released with new additions that were not available in previous versions. Where the most prominent features of WhatsApp GB were explained and detailed the latest version of 2023 previously.

In addition to that what distinguishes Pro for other similar applications. All download links have also been provided for an update WhatsApp Pro directly.

Alternative for GBWhatsApp Pro update

There are many popular modified versions of WhatsApp and are considered an alternative to e app. Because they contain most of the features found in the WhatsApp application as follows:

The previous apps are the most popular after the GBWhatsApp Pro version. So they have been suggested for you to try.


In conclusion, after you got to know the features and additions of the latest version of GBWhatsApp. Feel free to download the latest and new version of the app via the links provided on this page.

Furthermore, don’t miss the fun in its great extras that aren’t on official WhatsApp.

Finally, don’t forget to save the link to the app download page of the latest version.

So that you can refer to it directly in case you want to download the new updates.

This is because the download links available on the page are constantly updated.

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